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SBC to deploy FreedomLink Wi-Fi service at McDonald's

San Antonio, TX -- SBC Communications Inc. today announced an agreement with Wayport Inc. that will enable SBC FreedomLink customers to access Wi-Fi service in up to 6,000 McDonald's restaurants by the end of next summer. The agreement will dramatically expand the SBC FreedomLink Wi-Fi network and further diversify the type of venues where FreedomLink high-speed wireless Internet access is available, crucial steps in driving demand and adoption of the service.

As Wayport deploys Wi-Fi in McDonald's restaurants nationwide, the agreement will give SBC FreedomLink customers unlimited access to these Wi-Fi hot spots. Under the agreement, SBC Internet Services ("SBC") companies will also provide high-speed business DSL Internet access to Wayport for backhaul transport at McDonald's Wi-Fi restaurants located in the 13-state SBC territory.

McDonald's Wi-Fi restaurants in the SBC service territory will have co-branded, in-store signage and materials identifying them as part of the FreedomLink Wi-Fi network. SBC companies will also participate in joint marketing activities in these restaurants and will work with McDonald's to develop programs that incorporate Wi-Fi and DSL into people's daily lives.

Adding thousands of McDonald's Wi-Fi locations to the SBC FreedomLink network will make the service widely available and even more appealing to a broad cross-section of business professionals and consumers, including business travelers, mobile workers, college students, and the nearly 4 million SBC DSL customers. The FreedomLink service will enable these customers to use laptop computers and personal digital assistants to wirelessly connect to the Internet and corporate networks at speeds 50 to 100 times as fast as a dial-up connection.

Monthly SBC FreedomLink memberships are available for $19.95 and provide unlimited access to all FreedomLink hot spots, including the McDonald's restaurants. In addition to individual memberships, the SBC sales organization will offer monthly memberships in bulk to enterprise customers who wish to leverage the power of Wi-Fi to improve employee productivity. Later this year, FreedomLink will be bundled with SBC Yahoo! DSL and offered at a significant discount to SBC Yahoo! DSL subscribers, further enhancing the value and benefits of their broadband service.

Customers can view a list of FreedomLink locations and obtain ordering information by visiting


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