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Swisscom Mobile Launches Mobile Unlimited

Swisscom Mobile is the largest mobile operator in Switzerland. The company was the first mobile operator in Switzerland to launch UMTS earlier this summer and it was one of the first mobile operators worldwide that understood the potential of wireless LAN technology early on and launched a network of wireless LAN enabled hotspots that quickly grew from a 100 available hotspots in Switzerland in late 2002 when the service was launched to around 800 hotspots the company plans to have operational by the end of this year.

With a strong commitment in offering superior network quality to its customers, the company was challenged to translate this effort into an attractive data product. With the announcement of the availability of Mobile Unlimited the company has found a solution to address the needs of the Swiss business and corporate market for wireless connectivity services.

Mobile Unlimited is a mobile data solution that allows business professionals to securely access their corporate network via GPRS, UMTS or Wi-Fi. Mobile Unlimited is a data product, comprising of a number of innovative features:

(1) A data card that supports GPRS, UMTS and Wireless LAN in one device. The card that has been jointly developed with Option of Belgium will be marketed under Swisscom Mobile’s own brand. Mobile Unlimited can be used on laptops with Type II PCMCIA slots and the Windows XP operating system. Mobile Unlimited was comprehensively tested in the Microsoft software environment. The Office 2003 product family in particular supports the new form of mobility offered by Mobile Unlimited. Other operating systems are planed, though no dates are available yet.

(2) Furthermore, Mobile Unlimited gives customers Internet and intranet access through all available network services. It offers transmission speeds of up to 384 kBit/s (UMTS) or 54 MBit/s (Public WLAN). For locations that currently offer only GPRS, transmission speeds between 30 and 40 kBit/s are available. Bundling the connectivity services ensures that the customer gets wireless data access no matter where he is. Thus the offered connectivity services complement each other. Swisscom Mobile has a dedication to offer their customers a wireless broadband experience. By the end of 2004 the company plans to have around 800 public hotspots available and to reach about 83 % of the population with its recently introduced UMTS service.

(3) In addition, the bundle comes with the Unlimited Data Manager software, delivered on a CD-ROM when purchasing the product. Once installed, the software takes over, ensuring secure, reliable connectivity for the user irrespective of time or location. With no action required on the part of the user, Mobile Unlimited switches seamlessly from UMTS to GPRS or WLAN, automatically selecting the fastest transmission technology available in any given location. In addition, the software supports seamless handover functionality; i.e. automatic, uninterrupted switching between different types of transmission technologies.

(4) The price structure of Mobile Unlimited is rather complex. Mobile Unlimited requires a data subscription that costs CHF 10 per month for private customers and between CHF 5 and 10 (dependent on the number of subscriptions) for corporate customers. In addition to the subscription fee, usage is charged on a volume basis and comes with two optional price plans (1) Unlimited Pack is based on a monthly volume package. The user can chose between three volume sizes (40 MB at CHF 70, 100 MB at CHF 130 and 200 MB at CHF 200). (2) Unlimited Basic is optionally available as payas- you-go service where customers pay for the volume they actually consumed.

Unlimited Packs are recommended for the SOHO market. Customers that use Mobile Unlimited regularly are advised to go with the Unlimited Pack. It provides a better value than the Unlimited Basic, which is recommended for those customers who do not use the service very often.

For Corporate customers there are also Unlimited Group Tariffs available. This price plan allows companies to buy a data volume for a whole group of users. Swisscom Mobile says that the Unlimited Group Tariff becomes attractive starting at 20 users.


Carsten Roetz Swisscom Mobile

Source: WLAN Report


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